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Kind Words

"I have found her to be honest, spiritual, empathetic, and very interested in her clients in order to handle each client on an individual basis.  Maureen's strategy is to give her best to each client and always goes the extra mile to accompany her client. I have been so impressed with Maureen's methods and attitude that I purchased five gift certificates to give to my friends and family.  I want others to receive the benefits of knowing how a true massage is appreciated by the body when massaged in the proper manner.  It is very obvious that Maureen has taken it upon herselft to learn and study in order to transfer the knowledge as a masseuse." - Dorothy C.

"I recently had the pleasure of receiving a Heated Stone Massage from Maureen.  It was different than any massage I've ever had.  She expertly worked the stones on my muscles, for a unique, relaxing experience; comforting like a bowl of hot soup on a rainy day!"  - Stefanie B.

"I received my first ever hot stone massage from her and it truly was a wonderful experience.  I hurt my back and with her healing touch and the warmth of the stones applied in crucial areas of my body - it was the start of my feeling better and that night I slept all through the night for the first time in a week.  Her undivided attention to my comfort and ensuring my surroundings were tranquil and peaceful made my first hot stone massage something to remember." - Denise R.

"I have been delighted with each of the 6 or so massages I have received from Maureen: deep-tissue, circulatory, and my favorite, Hot Stone Massage.  From the atmosphere that Maureen creates - soft music, cozy sheets and relaxing scents - to the attention she pays to every stroke, every muscle and every moment, I have felt truly relaxed and cared for with each massage.  Finally, I find Maureen's touch to be both sensitive and strong; there is no hesitation in her movements and I know she is paying attention to every aspect of my stressed muscles.  She tunes in and stays tuned in the entire session." - Sharon P.

"Heated Stone Therapy was new to me.  Maureen's welcome was warm and friendly.  She created a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.  As she proceeded with my treatment I felt my mind become calm and my muscle tension release.  Her confidence and professionalism was evident.  Maureen has a wonderful healing touch.  The Heated Stone Therapy session I received from her was a harmoniuous balance of deep level relaxation as well as rejuvenation.  I felt confident that I was in the hands of a therapist who cared and connected to my needs.  It was an overall wonderful therapeutic experience." - Merrily T.

"Imagine the warmth of gently heated ocean stones places on the soles of your feet, your lower back, your open palms or spread across your shoulders.  Maureen is a master of this deeply penetrating massage.  Now imagine long Swedish strokes melting away the tension; soon you can't remember where the therapist's hand end and the stones begin. A grateful heart - thanks." - Wendy S.

"Maureen took the time at the beginning of each session to inquire about my health and well-being, carefully listening to me with compassion and understanding and then translating my issues into each treatment.  She intuitively knew exactly what my muscles needed and she skillfully engaged my senses in ways that went beyond mere touch.  The sound of soothing music, the scent of essential oils specifically chosen just for me at each particular time, my eyes resting blissfully under a protective eye pillow - all these combined to create wonderfully transformative expereiences.  She used just the right amount of verbal communication to check in with me as to whether the touch or movement was the right pressure for me, the temperature and setting perfect for me, the table and coverings comfortable for me, and did so without disturbing the reverie that I consistently fell into under her skilled hands. . . she clealy was a master in assisting my body in feeling better and in multiple aspects of my overall healing." - Nancy C.


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